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Augmented Design

This article was originaly written for a book that will now hardly be published due to several reasons. The text hold by Laurent Lescop, Hadas Sopher (1), Olivier Chamel (2) and Bernd Dalgrün (3) describes the very pionneer experience of Immersive Learning using Metaverses during the covid pandemia. This has been a fondation for what we do now and it would have been sad to hide it on the folder of forgotten works.

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  1. ENSA Nantes AAU-CRENAU, UMR-CNRS 1563 – Nantes, France
  2. FAMU, Tallahassee, Florida, USA
  3. HCU, Hamburg, Germany

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Spatial.Io Texture settings

Spatial offers several possibilities for High end real time online rendering. Let’s see how to prepare our 3D files to get the best of it. As it is trans software, we will use at least 4 of them in parallel to get the same results. Let’s remember, it’s not the software but the workflow that is taken into account.

We will start from this tutorial on the Spatial web page that helped us to start.

Basic geometry to start.

Let’s set up a basic scene for our tests : a wall, a floor, a cube, sphere, and Nefertiti (why not) downloaded here :

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