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Photogrammetry : boat surveys

Photogrammetric surveying of ships is a complex exercise due to the nature of the objects to be recorded. The advantage of a complete survey, as opposed to a half-hull survey, is that it allows the deformations of the structures to be identified, evaluated and diagnosed.

In the example below, the demonstration is made on a model. The principles and difficulties are identical to a 1:1 scale model, but with much better accessibility. For examples of real boats, see the following pages Et

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Ladybug–Grasshopper – 1

Ladybug – Grasshopper. Mise en place.


Les codes Ladybugs permettent de développer une large gamme d’études solaires, de la position du soleil au calcul des apports d’énergie. Bien entendu, comme LadyBug appartient à la suite Grasshopper, cela ouvre à des interactions savantes entre les formes construites et l’analyse des phénomènes.

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