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Evolution and assessment of a pedagogy

Since 2002, the Master’s students at the Graduate School of Architecture of Nantes who are enrolled in the “Architecture in Representation” orientation have carried out a pioneering work in the use of digital tools. By adopting the most recent techniques and tools, they have transformed the architectural design approach, thanks to the integration of “narrative design”.

In fifteen years, students will have gone from the board to digital drawing, to immersion and virtual reality, including short films and interactive devices, without losing sight that the subject of the work is in fact the project, and not the tool. In doing so, they have questioned, led by their professors, the status of synthesis images, the challenges of interactive narrative and of the virtual world.

Within the school, time was needed to accept these explorations; the use of digital tools, long criticised, was blocking the appreciation of the content and the students’ experimental approaches. Nowadays, the experience from these past fifteen years lead us to ask this question: do digital tools renew the design paradigms, or are we only involved in the evolution of practices through the integration of other means?

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Décor à 360°

Archirep – 2018-2019

Websérie « Dans la Lune » Marc Caro

Fabrication du décor.

Dans le cadre du Festival Premiers Plans à Angers, nous avons proposé de réaliser le décor pour un tournage à 360° du premier épisode de la web-série « Dans la Lune » écrite par Marc Caro. Il s’est agi dans un premier temps de faire une maquette numérique immersive, puis de réaliser une maquette physique pour préparer le tournage et enfin de réaliser l’objet à l’échelle 1.

Les étudiants ont ensuite conçu un environnement global, ce qui comprend, la conception du décor proprement dit, l’accessoirisation, les lumières et les découvertes.

Le tournage du premier épisode s’est fait sous la direction de Marc Caro. Continuer la lecture de Décor à 360°

Narrative grammar in 360° for production design and filming

Fly me to the moon

Narrative grammar in 360° for production design and filming

Mediation in 3D environments poses, at first, the question of what system to use to present the information. A generic mechanism is certainly possible, but more and more specific devices are being developed, taking account of how content and form should be articulated, and that well beyond basic scenographic considerations. Continuer la lecture de Narrative grammar in 360° for production design and filming