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Grasshopper, Urban Analysis, 3D Isovist

3D isovists

In this tutorial, the idea is to explore the potential of Isovist for urban analysis. Isovist is the surface or volume of space visible from a specific point. This concept has been proposed by Clifford Tandy in 1967 and then redefined by Michael Benedikt. Isovists are very useful to quantify the perception of urban spaces such as opening, closeness, and also useful to define urban envelopes. Isovists help to with non-intuitive solutions for complex problems.

Now we want to do the same in 3D. We will use the Ladybug components. We will use the LB visibility percent. Continuer la lecture de Grasshopper, Urban Analysis, 3D Isovist

SPECTRE – court métrage par Archirep

Informations sur le projet :

Court métrage réalisé par 15 étudiantes et étudiants de l’option de projet de Master « Architecture en représentation », Archirep de l’École d’architecture de Nantes.

Il s’appuie sur la co-création du spectacle « Spectre », avec le groupe Kosima, la compagnie NGC25, et l’artiste digital Laurent La Torpille.

Spectre / Archirep

Le spectacle allie musique, danse, mapping et décor évolutif pour une initiation à la transe et au monde de la techno.

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Spaces for Virtual Reality

ECAADe conference

Fictions for virtual reality are mostly conceived either in an entirely virtual environment or in a real environment with very little transformation. It is infinitely rare to find examples of sets designed and built specifically for a 360° experience. Building, rather than remaining purely virtual, raises complex questions about the organization of a ` »space to play » and therefore how to produce a narrative for immersion and create a 360° film grammar. We thus have created a first 360° set for the famous director Marc Caro, for whom the question of off-screen raised a very complex technical problem regarding lighting, visual effects, staging, blocking and acting. In this contribution we will show how this was solved and why the definition of a 360° narrative grammar is crucial. These are important intricacies that place the user-spectator in the optimal conditions to appreciate the experience.