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3dsmax – 2016 – PointCloud Objects

Something quite new and very helpfull comes with 3dsmax 2015, it’s the PointCloud Objects. It’s now possible to add an RCS or RCP file to Max and render or remodel from a point-cloud. It’s also possible to render with several options and add a texture.

RCS and RCP file are made by Autodesk’s softwares such as 123Catch, Memento or Recap. When a photogrammetry is done in Recap or Memento, it’s easy to export it in RCS or RCP.

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3D-Photo – survey with XTion and Skanect

3D-Photo – survey with XTion and Skanect


A previous article reported a first experiment with XTion and Scanect. At that time, 2 years ago, results were average in terms of quality, usage and stability. (see here)

The new 2015 version (1.8) of the software ( brings much more confort and good results. Continuer la lecture de 3D-Photo – survey with XTion and Skanect