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Beegraphy, the bridge

BeeGraphy is an innovative cloud-based platform tailored for computational designers. It provides effortless cross-platform compatibility, removing the requirement for installations, thereby facilitating seamless usage on Windows, Mac, or Linux systems. By enabling model creation directly in the cloud and allowing easy sharing through a straightforward URL link, BeeGraphy fosters real-time collaboration and co-creation among individuals and teams. Beegraphy ensures that you can share your parametric models securely without disclosing the underlying script, empowering to present designs confidently. Additionally, Beegrapgy offers the opportunity to showcase and market models in Beegraphy online store, generating passive income.
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Artificial Intelligence and Architecture

A conversation with MEDS.

MEDS ‘Meeting of Design Students‘ is an international design network. It gathers professionals and students from diverse design backgrounds meet for workshops and events …

In this presentation, the idea is to have a large panorama of perspectives and issues concerning Artificial Intelligence and Architecture.

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