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Protogrammetry From Drone Survey


When information about a site is not available, it is interesting to make a survey by drone to realize a photogrammetry. The photogrammetry will allow to build a 3D model and to extract the necessary information to understand the site.

The preparation of the drone flight is essential. The flight must be able to cover the entire site from different angles. Otherwise, there would be deformations or missing information.

The example presented here presents the workflow for creating a 3D model from an aerial film shot with a drone and the processing of the data for further work.

Here, the drone was forced to work in sections. Here are the different views. The work to come will be to assemble the 3D file fragments. Continuer la lecture de Protogrammetry From Drone Survey

Grasshopper Express – shutter

folding shutter.

In Grasshopper, there are no really good solutions for inverse kinematics. This is a major issue for many articulated mechanisms. In this example, we will see how to create an animated folding shutter without using angles and instead using the movement that we would do in real life.

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