3D Photo – Nexus 7 2013 and Photogrammetry

Autodesk laungh 123D catch for mobile devices giving the possibility to create 3D models on the fly. Results depends on the camera, so, what kind of models can we expect with Nexus 7 2013.


Nexus 7 is equiped with a 5 megapixels with F2.4 Aperture size, (CIS:Aptina/Lens: Largan, AOET/CCM: Cheng Uei, Lite-On) which is not the best you can find.

Tests have been made in several situations, outside in the street with diferent weather conditions, inside for objets or models. Results of course don’t reach the quality we can expect with a regular camera, but it’s not that bad. I mean, to play with a 3D model with the tip of your fingers, not to work with.


Gropius House – Dessau Germany

This test is made from the new Gropius Haus reconstruction in Dessau Germany. The shape is pretty basic, very cubic.  I though it would be easy, but the model came up melty or crumpled.




Mobile GROPIUS model 123D catch by Laurent Lescop on Sketchfab

Fontain in Florence – Italy

Photos have taken at noon after a strong storm. I had a huge contrast between the two sides of the model and a lot of specular reflexions due to the rain.





The result is ok considering weather conditions.

FLORENCE Fontain by Laurent Lescop on Sketchfab

Santa Novella – Florence Italy

In this case I wanted a small excerpt (detail) of the façade, a gnomon. This piece is 3 or 4 meters high. It was so difficult to catch details.


mobile 123Dcatch test Santa Novella Firenze by Laurent Lescop on Sketchfab

Berlin Model – Germany

This model is taken in a class room with a very bad light condition. On the photos the flickering of the neon lights is clearly visible.



Final result came better than expected, even if the model remains unsharp.

BERLIN Model by Laurent Lescop on Sketchfab

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