Spaces for Virtual Reality

ECAADe conference

Fictions for virtual reality are mostly conceived either in an entirely virtual environment or in a real environment with very little transformation. It is infinitely rare to find examples of sets designed and built specifically for a 360° experience. Building, rather than remaining purely virtual, raises complex questions about the organization of a ` »space to play » and therefore how to produce a narrative for immersion and create a 360° film grammar. We thus have created a first 360° set for the famous director Marc Caro, for whom the question of off-screen raised a very complex technical problem regarding lighting, visual effects, staging, blocking and acting. In this contribution we will show how this was solved and why the definition of a 360° narrative grammar is crucial. These are important intricacies that place the user-spectator in the optimal conditions to appreciate the experience.



Photogrammetry : boat surveys

Photogrammetric surveying of ships is a complex exercise due to the nature of the objects to be recorded. The advantage of a complete survey, as opposed to a half-hull survey, is that it allows the deformations of the structures to be identified, evaluated and diagnosed.

In the example below, the demonstration is made on a model. The principles and difficulties are identical to a 1:1 scale model, but with much better accessibility. For examples of real boats, see the following pages

http://www.keris-studio.fr/blog/?p=11270. Et http://www.keris-studio.fr/blog/?page_id=2438

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Photomodélisation et modélisation d’un bateau

Photomodélisation et modélisation d’un bateau.

Les missions de relevés ne sont pas toujours effectuées dans les meilleures conditions. Est présentée ici une opération où le sujet était dans un espace fortement encombré, peu accessible. Malgré tout, il aura été possible d’obtenir un modèle 3D utilisable pour ce pour quoi le relevé avait été commandé.

Le site.

Le bateau, en travaux, se trouve dans un hangar,

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