Grasshopper Express – railings

Grasshopper – Thema – railings – Creating railings along any kind of curves).

Railings shall respect those proportions.

Step 1 : Lines and intervals

Let’s transform lines into pipes.

Problem, the interval between bars is not 11cm anymore. Let’s fix it.

The length we’ve got to consider is (Space-Between)+(2xRadius).

Let’s check with cotations

This solution should work along a curved line.

What if we have a rectangular section?

Let’s create a rail with a rectangular section.

The Calculation of the Length now uses the rectangle’s dimensions

We complete the system

For a straight line it works

For a curved line it does not work. The orientation remains the same.

We will correct this with the Orient component and the creation of a set of Horizontal Frames. Connect the Curve to Horizontal Frame and Parameter to Parameter

Now connect Frame to Plane. It creates a bar with the correct orientation

Now it works with any type of curve


Download definition here

Definition for Dimensions

And for tubes, tubes are enclosed in a box that make things easier.

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