Grasshopper Express – Kangaroo circus tent

Grasshopper Express : Kangaroo circus tent

Set one point

Create a polygon

Move to copy

Scale to design the top

Connect the 2 curves to create a ruled surface

Identify the control points on both curves

Using Kagaroo

Connect the surface to a Quad Divide

Connect to a Spring from Mesh

Add Number Sliders for Stiffness and B

If you don’t have Spring from Mesh replace by

Add Gravity

If you don’t have Gravity replace by

Unitary force can be found here

Connect the QuadDivided Mesh to Gravity

Put a Kagaroo Physics

  • Connect Quad Divide to Geometry
  • Gravity and Spring from Mesh to Force Objects
  • Use the Control Points as Anchor Points

Double click on the Kagaroo Icon and press play

See the results

Improve the settings

Download definition here

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