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Vision of Ys (step03) – The city

A hyper realistic scene view from a boat at dawn with a medieval wooden town perched on a steep thin cliff overlooking the sea. The town is protected by a massive dike that struggles against the furious waves rising high above it. At the top of the cliff stands an epic imposing wooden castle, perched like a guardian overlooking the town

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Beegraphy the Online Grasshopper

As they say on the web site, BeeGraphy is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for computational designers. It offers seamless, cross-platform compatibility and eliminates the need for any installations, so you can work on Windows, Mac, or Linux. With the ability to create models in the cloud and share them through a simple URL link, you can collaborate and co-create with individuals and teams in real-time. Our software allows you to share your parametric models without revealing the underlying script, enabling you to showcase your designs with confidence. You can also market your models in our online store and earn passive income. ( Continuer la lecture de Beegraphy the Online Grasshopper