Kifanlo part3 – Evaluating deformations from cut sections

Boat Survey: Kifanlo parametric analysis


Built in 1955 in Les Sables d’Olonne, the KIFANLO was classified as a historical monument in 1984. She is one of the 16 identical hull trawlers launched by the Batifort shipyard between 1945 and 1957. The Kifanlo is a tuna trawler made of wood with mixed propulsion. She is 16.37 metres long, with a tonnage of 27.51 tons, and is equipped with a 120 hp Poyaud engine. (more at


The work is done with Rhino and Grasshopper in order to develop a tailored tool for 3D analysis.

Evaluating deformations

Then sections are spaced:

Then the idea is to compare the relative distance of each side from the axial line

This is what we want to get. (sorry for upside-down dimensions)

To achieve that, 2 preliminary formatting:

1/ numbering sections

2/ drawing axes

This axial line is then segmented. It will give a support to measure distances from axe to the section line

Now we’ve got to find the intersection between those line with section curves

The point dispatch gives us the possibility of creating lines from the axial line to the section line.

Lines are created

Now we’ve got the possibility to get every lines dimensions

To help reading the results, we can create a colour gradient

Let’s bold the lines by creating a loft. Lines are duplicated and then linked with a loft.

Each length is taken. The loft is coloured depending on the length.

In Rhino, it is faster to reorganise the results to have this kind of presentation

Translation in 3D


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