PedSim in the labyrinth

Find all sources here :

We will use the 0.5 version from this page : but the 0.9 can be also tested.

Set the Start Position

The program name

And the End position

The starting point is defined. Connect Point to Position and Circle to access Radius

Same with the End position

Add a Boolean Toggle

Pause is set in the middle of the Maze (why not). The Program is connected.

Then we create the person Template

We connect Start Gate, End Gate and Interrest

Add Vision Angle

The Person Template is set

Let’s Add the Ped Simulation System

Connection Target to Target and Person Templates to Person Templates

Obstacles are taken from the curves

Ped Simulation System is complete

Launch the simulation

Let’s a person

Path is drawn

We can add an Isovist simulation to represent the vision of the user

Let’s put a deconstruct person connected to people

We will then use the decoding spaces tool

It is much more efficient than the one in Grasshopper.

Grap lines from the Maze’s curves include the Square as well and Explode it into segments. Flatten

Grab Angle and Distances from the Person Template and connect Velocity to a Vector with viewing Direction

Even with more complex Maze, the exit path is found

Last step would be to have an object properly oriented that gives the direction of displacement in the Maze.

Like an arrow. Let’s draw an arrow

The Arrow can be attached to the points but it has to be correctly oriented.

When it’is not it give this

Orient axes

It globally works, some improvements are needed.

Coloring distances

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